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23 – 27 April 2019 | 3:00 – 10:00 PM Daily

Hall 2, 1, 25 Damascus International Fairground, Syria.

The energy sector in Syria has increasing needs for investments, especially after the last 8 years of war in Syria, to set up new power generating and transformer plants.

The Syrian government supports the use of solar energy and encourages the use of alternative energy provisions and resources.

SYRIA ENERGY is a part of Syria Industrial expo | SINEX

It is a platform to show the latest technologies in the field of global electricity and alternative energies and provide a real opportunity for visitors to view these technologies along with introduction of new solutions in the field of industrial automation and control.

Syria needs giant projects for the next 15 years and private investments exceeding $400 billion.

Products Line:


  • Electrical Boards Switchers
  • Thunder Protection Equipment
  • Home Lighting, Electrical Supplies and Accessories
  • Electrical Fuses, Unites, Transformers & Regulators
  • Transmission Lines, Distribution Networks and Cables
  • Uninterrupted Power Systems, Chargers & Batteries
  • Lightning Protection Equipment and Excess Tension

Transport and Storage Technologies

  • Transmission Lines and Distribution of Electric Power (Circuit Breakers -Control Equipment -High Voltage Distribution -Insulators -Cables -Transformer Substations -Low Voltage Distribution Control Equipment -Electrical Power Line Equipment)
  • Production of Electricity and Thermal Energy (IndependentEnergy -Boilers -Steam Turbines -Electric Power)
  • Power Stations and Towers
  • Transmission Lines and Distribution of Electric Power
  • Generating Sets

Electrical Industry & Automation

  • Industrial Automation Solutions
  • Programmable Logic Controllers Plc
  • Testing and Measurement Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment and Accessories
  • Electrical Engineering Offices and Consultants
  • Test and Measurement-Knowledge of Development of Control and Diagnosis

Renewable Energy

  • Renewable Energies and Advanced Technology Products
  • Solar Energy System
  • Wind Power Systems
  • Alternative Sources of Electrical Energy (Revitalize Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Thermal Energy, Hydropower)
  • Renewable Energy Requirements
  • Clean Energy Products and Energy and Water Recycling Devices
  • Energy Saving Devices


23 – 27 April 2019 | 3:00 – 10:00 PM Daily

Event Importance:

Tayara for exhibitions & conferences | SIFATAYARA has launched its concurrent program of specialized exhibitions for 2019 to be organized on Damascus Fairgrounds from 23 to 27 April. This is an occasion to focus on the flourishing Syrian economy through the following exhibitions:

  • SyriaMEP | The Syrian International Exhibition for Electro-Mechanic, HVAC, Plumbing and Water Technology.
  • MEBuild Show | The Syrian International Exhibition for Building and Construction.
  • Syria Industrial Expo – SINEX | The Syrian International Industrial Expo for Energy, Industrial Machinery, Printing & Packing.

Syria Real Expo, Syrian Real Estate Investment and Urban Development, which will be organized by Roya Company.

Media Campaign:

A world-wide media campaign across the region will be launched to attract the maximum of trade visitors. Press conferences, TV and radio broadcastings, local newspapers, and billboard advertising. 

Direct mail, SMS and VIP invitations will be addressed to ministers, government representatives, and decision makers.


During five days, you can meet with engineers, contractors, projects managers looking for the latest Building solutions. Invitations will be sent to key decision makers in the public and private sectors, engineers, contractors, distributors, traders, owners and plants manager.

23 – 27 April 2019 | 3:00 – 10:00 PM Daily


TAYARA For Exhibitions & Conferences | SIFATAYARA

25 years of experience in exhibitions and conferences

TAYARA For Exhibitions & Conferences is considered one of the most experienced establishments in exhibitions industry in the Middle East, with over 25 years experience and it is credited with creating more than 200 exhibitions and conferences.

TAYARA is the only establishment who persevered and continued to meet the challenges of nurturing the regional economic sectors. takes the challenge and still continue organizing exhibitions since 8 years passed for the interest of the Economic sector such as TECHNO BUILD and ALL ENERGY are few of conventions organized over the war period.

Tayara’s exhibitions guards the interests of Contractors, Engineers and all construction companies involved in reconstruction efforts of destroyed and devastated regions of the past 8 year war.